Soap Dispenser Wall Mounted | Model: NTS04

CabinetStainless Steel #304
OperationManual – Brass Push Type
Suitable TrafficMedium
Capacity400 ml/ 800 ml
ValveBrass Cylinder, Stainless Steel Spring
Dispensing Volume2 ml

Soap dispenser wall mounted is made of stainless steel and operates on a manual brass push type system. Equipped with a brass cylinder and stainless steel spring, this product is highly convenient to use. The loading capacity of this product is 400 – 800 ml liquid and dispenses 2ml liquid when a user pushes the valve fitted on the cabinet.
A user can easily refill this product without much hassle and its non-drip design prevents any wastage of the liquid. The high-quality material makes this product corrosion and dust resistant.
Soap dispenser wall mounted is perfect for any use. This product can be used with large crowds in places like hotels, restaurants, schools, colleges, offices, malls, residential complexes and multiplexes as well.
Soap dispenser wall mounted with stainless steel finish adds richness to the ordinary bathrooms. It makes your bathroom look modern and stylish. This product can also be used for household requirements besides public places.



100x151x52 mm


Low wastage


Low maintenance
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