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How to Pick Best Bathroom Accessories as per the Industry Experts

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It will not be too much to call our bathrooms a sacred space! Bathrooms are not just spaces to bathe and freshen up, at least not anymore. It’s a place of relaxation, rejuvenation, self-care, peace, idea generation, and much more.
And that is the reason why modern bathrooms are built with utmost care and consideration. Whether it’s a commercial space or a family home, people are paying new-found attention to building useful and aesthetic bathrooms.
But what features make a bathroom splendid? Yes, the right set of best bathroom accessories turns it into a place of recreation. Yet how do you determine the most fitting accessory for your bathroom? With a wide range of available choices, you might get confused about choosing the perfect accessories for your bathroom.
We have created a simple list of guiding factors that are recommended by industry experts. Look into these to help you turn those bathroom inspiration ideas from your head into a real bathroom space.

Industry Experts Guide to Choose Best Bathroom Accessories

Finalise a Budget

It’s the most important factor to help you start the search for bathroom accessories ideas. Know exactly how much you can afford to spend or splurge on bathroom accessories. This would also help you narrow down your search. The cost for accessories differs depending on the material, brand, features, and quality. Steel accessories are costlier than plastic, which are extremely affordable if you are restricted by budget.

Know Your Requirements

Understanding the scope of your bathroom needs will help you to decide on the essential accessories. Think about the things you absolutely need and can’t do without. Once you have a list it would be easier to pick up things in the store. The basic accessories usually required are shower curtains, soap dispensers, taps, faucets, etc.

Research the Trends

Sit with your laptop and do some thorough research on the internet. You can find thousands of inspirational pictures on Pinterest & Instagram and might end up picking a certain style or accessory design from there. It will also assist you in imagining and visualising the design scope of your bathroom.

Choose a Style & Colour Theme

If your house or office space has a traditional style, it would be smart to opt for intricately decorated bathroom accessories. As the bathroom should reflect a continuation of the overall theme & colour of the space or it would look disruptive. Streamline the interior decor style with minimal or bold accessories as per the personal style of your area. It could be plain, funky, colourful, neutral, mute, abstract, luxurious, and whatnot!

Take Lighting into Account

Lighting plays quite a role to enhance and compliment bathroom accessories, it could easily make or break the appeal of your restroom. Choose lighting that can illuminate your bathroom space and if you prefer a dimmer ambience in the shower, you can use smaller ceiling or mirror lights. Lighting also affects how the accessories are seen and how much light is reflected in what corner. Analyse the kind of lighting you want in your bathroom and then decide what accessories would balance it well.

Functionality & Use

The functionality of bathroom accessories also varies by use, high-traffic public or office restrooms should be built with user-friendliness. On the other hand, personal washrooms can focus on the ambience and look of the bathroom. Keep in mind the frequency of bathroom usage, free-standing accessories can be moved around but require more cleaning and maintenance. Whereas fitted accessories are more durable and user-friendly, but need drilled-in installation.

Bathroom Space & Layout

One suggestion by industry experts that shouldn’t be overlooked is the hoarding of bathroom accessories. It would only crowd your bathroom, keeping the space minimal and functional should be a priority. If your bathroom layout is small, you should only go for basic bathroom accessories so as to make the space look bigger. And when the layout is bigger in area, one can invest in different accessories to decorate their bathroom. The arrangement of bathroom accessories can significantly influence the spaciousness of your washroom.

What are the Best Bathroom Accessories?

The answer to what are the best bathroom accessories cannot be common for all, it differs for everyone as different functions cannot suit every individual. What works for you, may not suit another individual as bathrooms are personal spaces and that’s where the difference lies. One should pick a bathroom accessory based on the needs, purpose, and function it would serve.
Various accessories are used in a bathroom depending on the space is personal or commercial. Some of the washroom essentials are – fittings, sensor taps, shaving mirrors, hand dryer, perfume dispenser, flush sensor, toilet seat cover, towel holder, toilet, sink, faucet, sanitizer, soap, tissue dispensers, etc.


Purchasing the best bathroom accessories can be a task! Keep these factors in mind before you buy any bathroom fittings, fixtures, and accessories to make sure your decisions are rewarding in the long run. A good choice of accessories would last longer and you wouldn’t have to worry about replacements. Make sure what you buy is worth your money and there are no regrets!

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