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Consider these Automatic Taps to Help You Build the Dream Bathroom

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It’s significant to create a bathroom that’s both functional and aesthetically stylish. From experiencing the nervousness of how do automatic taps work while visiting a mall to transforming into tech-geeks with each passing day. Just like our lives, next-generation technology has found its way into bathroom accessories.
The demand for innovatively game-changing bathroom accessories has risen to enhance convenience in everyday modern lifestyles. Traditional accessories have been replaced by automatic shower heads and touchless sensor taps. We are used to automation and that’s why we expect nothing less than that even in our bathrooms!
One such accessory is touchless sensor taps, these are automatic and increase efficiency in public and personal bathrooms. Let’s read a bit more about how do automatic taps work and what would be the best type for your space.

How do Automatic Taps Work?

In private or public washrooms, a traditional tap requires recurring contact of hands for operation. To switch on the tap, we end up touching it with dirty hands until we are done, which increases the transmission of germs and bacteria. Imagine the horror of multiple people using the same tap!
Advanced taps are equipped with infrared sensors that predict the motion of your hands to automate water flow. As you move your hands closer or under the tap, the sensor gets activated by itself and as you move them away, the water flow stops naturally. These are great if hygiene and sanitation are a priority on your premises.

Types of Automatic Sensor Taps

Based on your requirement, many varieties of automatic sensor taps are sold in the market. Follow these types to learn which would fit best in your bathroom!

Touchless Sensor Tap

These taps work by sensing the motion of your hands. They help in saving water as the water jet shuts off automatically if movement is missing. These are generally operated by batteries or through electrical ports. You can choose the power source at your convenience.

Dual Sensor Tap

Touchless dual sensor taps not only dispense water but liquid soap as well. The tap handles are designed with a combination of two sensor openings respectively. The operation is similar to a sensor tap, also an added benefit of restricting the wastage of soap. It comes with a standard battery or adapter channel to drive power.

Attachable Sensor

Sensor attachments help reduce the cost of replacing a conventional tap. It can be directly attached to a regular tap to turn it into an automatic sensor tap. The installation is extremely easy and can be done at home without the need for a professional. The battery is powered through a USB port, indicated by a light on this accessory. A 3-hour charging time can charge this device for up to 6 months. It comes in six different connector sizes to ensure compatibility with most taps.

Benefits of Touchless Sensor Taps

There are more than a few reasonable and convincing advantages of using an automatic sensor tap in your bathroom.
1. Minimise the transfer of bacteria and viruses through cross-contamination.
2. Help in promoting hygiene and sanitation in bathrooms.
3. Pre-set features in sensor taps allow you to set a preferred water temperature.
4. Due to infrequent manual operation, there is increased durability & low maintenance.
5. The regulated flow of water saves gallons of water in the long run. Even during soaping, the tap automatically shuts off the water jet.
6. If the temperature is maintained at a consistent level, touchless sensor taps can be energy efficient.
Some taps come with a remote or smartphone app that further simplifies the process of setting up controls.


The timeless design and functionality of these sensor taps have made them intensely popular in modern bathroom accessories. The world of bathroom collection has evolved, transforming the industry. It goes without saying that twenty years ago, people were making different choices in bathroom fittings. But we can say with confidence that sensor taps are here to stay! They are smart, sleek, and elevate your space without much effort.
We hope this blog proved handy to help you understand how do automatic taps work. To equip your bathroom with first-rate fittings, automatic sensor taps are the best choice.

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