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How Does a Sensor Tap Work? What are Their Advantages?

How Does a Sensor Tap Work

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With the current scenario of the world facing the third year of the pandemic COVID-19, we have understood as a civilization that hygiene should be the concern of the hour. 

With the escalation of COVID-19, the incorporation of hygienic practices into our lifestyles has become an essential life skill. Technology is one tool that contributes to the betterment of hygiene standards. 

As everything huge or anything minute starts with the home, the first step to consolidating hygienic habits into your life is to redefine your household. 

Incorporating sanitized environment into your house by introducing the most functional part of your house after the kitchen, the washroom to technology enhancing a safe and secure experience. 

The up-gradation of the washroom with technology-safe accessories is an integral step to maintaining one’s personal hygiene. 

This article introduces you to the innovative and the master of hygiene, the automatic sensor taps. With technology, sensor taps came into the picture as an alternative to increasing the hygiene functionality levels of your washroom. 

Sensor Taps

Sensor taps are automatic taps that include an aerator in the spout enabling the dispersion of the water. 

Sensor taps are motion-sensory accessories designed to eliminate direct contact with the tap making it a safer and cleaner alternative to get rid of the germs and bacteria on your hand. 

Working of Sensor Taps 

The automatic sensor taps consist of an infra-red beam emitted from a sensor. The beam is broken when the sensor detects any moment under the faucet resulting in the water flowing. 

The dispersion of water takes place for a set period of time. The sensor tap also regulates the amount of water flowing, resulting in the elimination of water wastage.

Advantages of Sensor Taps 

Automatic sensor taps are the perfect example of how technology nowadays makes our day-to-day mundanes more hygienic and safe. The research states that taps are the second most bacteria-ridden spot in the majority of washrooms. 

So, it requires excessive attention to shape a comprehensive hygienic lifestyle for ourselves. Automatic sensor taps appear to be a minute change but have the ability to bring a complete change into your hygiene patterns. 

  1. Hygiene and Sanitisation 

Apart from complementing the look and feel of your washroom, an automatic sensor tap scales up the hygiene and sanitization standards of your washroom. The automatic water taps eliminate the touch aspect while using a tap for washing off all the germs. 

The hands of the user are unsanitized while washing their hands these unsanitized hands are then exposed to the faucet handles to operate the tap. 

After washing off the germs, the user touches the same handle to stop the water from flowing and come in contact with the very same bacteria and germs that he was getting rid at the first place. 

This recurring unhygienic process of washing hands leads to making the tap prone to germs and building up the germs on the surface of the handle. 

Adding an automatic sensor tap to your washroom eradicates all this fuss from your handwashing routine. The automatic water tap holds inbuilt sensors supporting moment detection. 

Whenever a user puts his hands under the nozzles of the tap, the moment detection feature helps in automating the dispersal of the water immediately. 

The automatic sensor tap is a touch less motion sensory washroom accessory contributing to the elimination of cross-contamination between the users and shaping a better and healthy lifestyle for them. 

  1. Water Conservation

As we all know, water conservation is an essential life skill to incorporate for maintaining a perfect balance of availability of a natural resource and the utility of that natural resource to satisfy the needs and wants of humankind. 

The Intelligent Facility Solutions conducted research stating that the running taps for brushing your teeth have the capacity of wasting 4 gallons of water. This water wastage caused by the use of regular taps contributes to the depreciation of the most important natural resource.  

With technology evolving day by day, automatic water tap elevated as an alternative helping in reducing water wastage. Replacing your regular tap with the automatic senor tap will be a personal revolutionizing initiative in water conservation. 

This motion-sensory accessory detects the moment and allows the flow of the water. The automatic water taps regulate the flow of water. It maintains the consistency of the water and minimizes unnecessary water wastage. 

An automatic sensor tap supports the least level of water consumption. Using an automatic sensor tap can help the user reduce up to 70% of water wastage. 

  1. Energy Efficient 

Evaluating the energy consumption as an ordinary person will lead you to the misconception of thinking that a regular tap uses less energy than the automatic sensor tap. 

But when viewing the whole process of energy consumption by this washroom accessory closely, you will realize it’s the other way around. 

With the change in seasons, a regular tap uses energy in managing the temperature. During winters, when people require hot water more frequently or In extremely tropical climates, the water tends to heat up on its own, which leads people to turn on a motor outside for cooler water as well. 

But the automatic sensor tap disperses water at a uniform temperature helping users with comfort in all the climates. The automatic sensor tap contributes to the efficient use of energy in the household. 

Although automatic sensor taps require batteries or electricity to operate, their temperature control feature makes the energy consumption extremely minimal. 

  1. Low Maintenance 

The misconception of high maintenance always appears in the minds of users when they think of using advanced and automated taps. The automatic sensor tap requires less maintenance as compared to a regular tap. 

The regular taps have handles that need to be rotated to operate, resulting in regular friction in the apparatus of the handle. Even users often swivel the handle of the regular tap with wet hands, allowing a small amount of water to seep into the handlebars. 

All of this results in dysfunctionality by causing corrosion and damage to the tap. Therefore, a regular tap takes regular maintenance to ensure smooth mechanisms. 

Whereas, on the other hand, the automatic water tap is touchless. They hold a sleek and simple design supporting convenience and low maintenance. 


The sensor taps will redefine your washroom by scaling up both the appeal and hygiene standards. The automatic sensor tap is one of the most beneficial washroom accessories that enhance functionality by providing users with a convenient and cleaner experience. 

Sensor tap elevates hygiene factors and escalates the conservation of water and energy. An automatic sensor tap is a blend of utility, increasing hygiene standards, and contributing to resource conservation.

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