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Which hair dryer is good for hair? An expert review

which hair dryer is good for hair

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How can perfectly blow-dried hair enhance your appearance? Is it even possible without the greatest hairdryer? There’s no way!

Hairdryers now come in different shapes and sizes to meet all your needs. I have a list of things you can do to make your hair frizz-free, shiny, smooth, and well-styled. It’s a waste to visit a salon every time you have something big to to attend. You might be able to get away with the salon fees. But what if you added them all up and compared them to your one-time purchase of a hair straightener? Isn’t it a rip-off? Rather than going to the salon regularly, you should invest in a hairdryer once and for all.

So let’s find out which hairdryer is good for hair! 

First, consider the wattage.

When purchasing a hair drier, one of the first things to consider is its power (wattage).

It’s important to prioritise “wattage” because without the proper power, your hair may be damaged and you may not achieve the desired effect.

Because of the low cost of their metallic heating coil, traditional hair dryers are the most commonly used. A traditional hair dryer’s wattage ranges from 1000 to 2000 watts, and the hot air it produces is inconsistent. Hair that is overly long, curly, or frizzy is not suggested for these dryers. Because the metallic coils in these hair dryers don’t last very long, they’re deadly.

Traditional hair dryers, in a nutshell, use a simple technology that includes a heating element (resistor), a fan, and a motor. When you switch on the hair dryer, the fan’s motor spins and electrical energy enters the hair dryer. The heating element’s grid of wires generates heat as electrical energy passes across it. The dryer’s nozzle receives hot air from the fan. Hairdryers today, on the other hand, not only blow hot air, but also cool air, electrically charged ions, infrared rays, and nano electrically charged particles.

Hair Dryer Other Features


Because, depending on the thickness and length of your hair, you may have to hold your hair dryer for long periods, a lighter hair dryer is worth considering. Your arm may become tired while blow-drying your hair if your hair dryer is not light-weight. A lightweight hair dryer is also easier to transport.

Look for a hair dryer that is roughly a pound in weight (0.45 kg). This will make blow-drying a lot easier for you.

Heat Settings

The heat adjustment setting on your hairdryer is quite significant. Getting the appropriate temperature is vital for hair straighteners and other heat-based hairstyle equipment.

You can badly or perhaps permanently damage your treasured hair if you don’t use the proper heat settings.

Although a higher temperature setting can reduce blow-drying time, you risk injuring your hair follicles if your hair isn’t thick or curly.

Consider selecting a hairdryer that allows you to alter the temperature according to your hair type when you’re seeking the right hair dryer.

Cool Breeze

You can use this option to blast your hair with chilly air right before you finish drying it.

The hair cuticles are sealed and your hair is fixed for a long-lasting hold with this “cold shot.” This function keeps your hair straight, smooth, and shining throughout the day.

When your hair is around 80% dry, switch to the “cool shot” option. This is when this finishing touch will benefit your hair the most.

Wall mounted hair dryer

Comfort is just as crucial as weight. If you’re going to be holding your hairdryer for a long time, it should be comfortable in your hand.

A wall mounted hair dryer that is comfortable to hold, ergonomic, and lightweight can do wonders. The buttons should be placed in a convenient location as well. They should be easily accessible. Most importantly, while using your hairdryer, it should feel comfortable in your hand.

Length of Cord

It’s important to have a longer cord because it allows for more movement.

A short-length cable will also limit how well you can use your hairdryer if there isn’t a power outlet near your dressing table or in your bathroom (where you usually blow dry your hair). Look for a hair dryer that comes with a longer cable (6 to 9 feet is ideal).

Types of Hair Dryers: 

When looking for a hair drier, you may hear scientific terms like ionic, nanoe, ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium. The terms ionic and nanoe refer to the most recent technologies, whereas ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium refer to the substance used in the hair dryer’s heating coil. Different hair types require different types of hair dryers, and they differ in various factors like features, benefits, etc. 

1) Ionic hair dryers emit negatively charged ions, which cause positively charged water molecules to break apart. Ionic hair dryers are best for fine hair, but they aren’t recommended for frizzy or thick hair. The material used in the heating coil determines the amount of hot air emitted by ionic hair dryers. Because they have an electromagnetic field built in, these dryers aren’t very stylish. The use of an ionic dryer over an extended period of time can be detrimental.

2) Ceramic hair dryers are less expensive than ionic hair dryers. This hair drier has a ceramic coating on the heating coil or has ceramic clay encrusted internal construction.

3) Tourmaline – Other materials used for coating within hair dryers to boost efficiency include tourmaline and titanium. The tourmaline gemstone and titanium element are in high demand, hence these hair dryers are relatively pricey. These dryers are significantly kinder and speedier than ionic or ceramic hair dryers. Hair dryers consisting of tourmaline and titanium dry hair 50 times faster than conventional dryers. Ceramic hair dryers are regarded to be safe hairdryers and are ideal for frequent users with long, thick, or curly hair.

4) Titanium – Titanium hair dryers are the most efficient in terms of drying time. They deliver the most consistent heat dispersion in the shortest length of time.

These dryers, on the other hand, are not as gentle on your hair as ceramic or tourmaline dryers. As a result, titanium hair dryers are only recommended if you have extremely thick, difficult-to-dry hair.

5) Infrared technology – It is the most recent advancement in hair styling equipment. The wind spreads deeply with this revolutionary technology, softly drying your hair.

This method of heating is not only gentle, but it also cuts down on drying time. Frizzy and damaged hair benefit from infrared technology. It dries quickly and does not harm your hair.

Hopefully, this article has informed you about the various types of hair dryers available today.

With a couple of these pointers in mind, you should have no trouble determining which hair dryer to buy to help you maintain your style and keep your hair shining and healthy!

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