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Hand Sanitizer Dispenser | Model: NTS06A

Specification Description
Cabinet ABS Cabinet
Operation Touch-Free Infrared Activation
Input AA Duracell Battery
Suitable Traffic Medium
Capacity 1000 ml
Dispensing Volume 1 ml

Suitable for liquid alcohol, liquid soap and hand sanitizers.

Hand sanitizer dispenser is made of ABS cabinet as per high-quality international standards. This product operates on AA Duracell battery and touch free infrared activation mechanism.
The touch-free automation process avoids direct hand touch which eliminates the risk of germs spreading from one person to the other. Hand sanitizer dispensers are highly hygienic and user-friendly.
The automated process of hand sanitizer dispenser prevents people from touching the products. This helps to prevent cross-infection of harmful bacterias and viruses.
Hand sanitizer dispenser is made of innovative design. This product is specifically designed to facilitate easy filling and cleaning of the product by any individual.
This product has a storage capacity of 1000ml sanitizer, so you don’t need to replace the inside liquid frequently. You can also fill liquid alcohol and liquid soap in this product.
Hand sanitizer dispenser can be used in restaurants, gyms, universities, offices or at homes as well.


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