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How to Use Garbage Chute System Effectively in Your Restaurant?

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Our human environment is fast-paced, and everything must be completed with a sense of haste. Smart has been given a new caption to describe the speed that has characterised our spectrum of operations. We now have smart homes, smartphones, and smart clothing, among other things. Garbage disposal, on the other hand, shouldn’t be left behind with the smart version of everything breaking forth. 

Let’s face it: environmental conservatism is a global trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. Eco-friendly methods aren’t just good for making you feel good; they also help you generate more money when you use them in your business. Restaurant managers, for example, can spend less on food that would almost certainly be thrown out if effective trash disposal is implemented, allowing them to keep a larger share of each day’s earnings. It is unavoidable that the world produces waste. Your restaurant, on the other hand, has the option of either paying for trash or benefitting from it. The latter is possible with garbage chute systems.

Why is all this waste a problem? 

Accidents are more likely to happen at a busy restaurant. Cooked food plates fall to the ground. Orders get mixed. Something burns. Food waste quickly accumulates, and not all of it is simply discarded. Because oil and water do not mix, oil can linger in your drain for a long time, causing costly plumbing issues that can lead your business to shut down. In a garbage can, spoiled meat attracts disease-carrying wildlife. Proper restaurant waste disposal is required for a healthy establishment and workforce from both an economic and sanitary standpoint. Not all disposal methods, however, are ecologically responsible.

While putting trash in a dumpster takes it out of sight and out of mind, the trash still has a narrative to tell as it moves onto the next step. It’s critical to utilize a strategy that, as strange as it may sound, considers the trash’s well-being after the bag has been sealed and tossed aside.

Solution: Garbage Chute System 

A garbage chute system is a long vertical space that runs through each of a restaurant’s floors. Residents can dispose of their waste in the chute through a door on each floor. On each floor, this door is usually contained in a small room. Garbage falls into a compactor or dumpster at the bottom of the chute.

Users can insert huge trash bags within the tube due to the enormous opening size, and the tunnel-like structure ensures that the waste does not get trapped on its journey down.

The following are the key components of a garbage chute system:

  • Ventilation
  • Cleaning System using Brushes
  • Access/Maintenance Door with Key
  • Sprinklers with a Flushing System for Fire Protection
  • Support Frames for Chute
  • Unit for Sanitation
  • Interlocking Doors with a Fire Rating
  • Rings for Clamping
  • Duct Chute
  • Intake Chute
  • Offset
  • Bi-Sorter/Tri-sorter
  • Door with a Fire Shutter
  • Panel of Control
  • Trolleys made of HDG/HDPE
  • Compactors

Benefits of the Garbage Chute System? 

Restaurants must maintain a clean and hygienic atmosphere to protect their employees’ health, as well as to portray a positive image to potential customers and stakeholders.

Waste chutes help in keeping an efficient trash disposal system that allows one to do both of these things. Here are a few additional advantages:

Improved Sanitation: 

The interim between when restaurants dump waste and when trash and recycling firms collect it is the most difficult part of garbage disposal. During this time, waste can attract insects, rodents, and other pests, as well as spread diseases, particularly with the diverse range of restaurant waste, which includes both wet and dry waste. This is why dealing with garbage necessitates a variety of precautions. Garbage chutes are a good idea in restaurants. Here are a few of the advantages.

  • At all times, maintain distance from the garbage.
  • Creating a healthier environment and air.
  • Keeping bad odors out of the entrances.
  • Keeping pests and insects at bay.

Trash Disposal Made Simple:

No one enjoys having to carry the trash out of the restaurant to be disposed of. Garbage chutes have made their lives much easier—carry the trash to the chute, open the top, and dump the rubbish.

People nowadays consider easy waste disposal to be a critical factor in deciding whether or not to open a restaurant, which is why all contractors and builders are moving to restaurant chutes.

Employees may conveniently dispose of waste without having to trek to the trash dump because each floor has a trash chute door. This not only saves time at work but also ensures that all of the trash in the restaurant is safely accumulated in one spot that is not occupied by people. It’s not only convenient, but it’s also safe.

Apart from being extremely convenient, it also eliminates the risk of spillage, garbage bags bursting owing to weight, and employee pain associated with this process.

Waste Management that is More Organized: 

Garbage collection and sorting can be a difficult task, especially in restaurants with a lot of waste. Workers are hired by owners and management to gather the trash from outside restaurants and sift it before dumping it. This entails additional fees as well as a significant amount of time. That’s not all: moving hundreds of pounds of rubbish from the premises to a single location is a time-consuming and dangerous task.

Garbage chutes can reduce the need for all of this because they allow for superior rubbish organization. Many restaurants and business owners believe that having a separate garbage chute for recyclable rubbish is essential to avoid wasting time and effort sorting trash. It makes it simple to transport trash from a chute to a roll-off container and finally to a recycling facility.

New businesses are more likely to use a more advanced trash chute system that allows for the separation of trash, recyclables, and organics. Employees can identify their waste before placing it in the chute, which then directs the items to one of the bottom containers.

Overall, there are numerous advantages to including a trash chute in a restaurant’s architecture, including convenience, ease of usage, and cleanliness. As a result, trash chutes are ideal for eateries.

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