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Top Accessories for your Commercial Washroom Needs

Accessories for your Commercial Washroom Needs

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A commercial washroom is designed with the concept of providing maximum ease and functionality to the user. In order to achieve the aim of maximum utility and accessibility, a commercial washroom should incorporate a number of must-have washroom accessories. 

While deciding on washroom accessories for your commercial washroom, you need to settle on the design and understand your preference of appeal of your washroom. 

The appeal helps you decide the appropriate washroom accessories, but there are some must-have accessories, like automatic hand sanitizer dispensers, soap dispensers, etc., in the commercial washroom. 

Listing below some fundamental washroom accessories that need to be incorporated in the commercial washroom, elating the scale of functionality, hygiene, and accessibility. 

1. Soap Dispenser

Soap Dispenser

Soap dispensers or Automatic hand wash dispensers are the epitomai of hygiene. The automatic Soap dispenser has an inbuilt sensor, which helps it detect human presence and disperse the required amount of hand wash. It contributes to many factors: 

  • Touch-Free: It eliminates any contact of germs as it is a touch less. 
  • Reduce wastage: The soap dispenser diminishes the soap wastage as it disperses an appropriate and fixed amount of soap on the user’s hand. 

2. Hand Dryer

Hand Dryer

A hand dryer is an essential washroom accessory. Washing your hands is an act of personal hygiene. The disease control authorities always suggest washing hands with soap and water in an exhaustive, step-wise manner. While this method is the first necessary to fight disease-causing bacteria and viruses, it is half-done. 

As the transmission of bacteria is more likely to occur from wet skin than from dry skin, moist hands are capable of disseminating 1000 times more germs than dry hands. Therefore, the remaining and equally crucial step in tackling these harmful bacteria and viruses is to dry your hands. 

Hand dryers contribute to the maintenance of hygiene. They are also eco-friendly as the other alternative is paper/cloth towels which can negatively impact people’s health by being a prime carrier of germs. 

3. Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Santizer has slowly evolved as a necessity within our daily life with so much paranoia of the pandemic Covid-19 around. 

Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers are the pressing priority needed, as hands are the major transmitters of germs from one surface to another. 

An automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is a much-needed washroom accessory in a commercial washroom as they contribute to maintaining hand hygiene by being a reliable and proven ally against these contagious diseases. 

Three major positive dimensions covered by an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser:

  • Touch-free: The key benefit this accessory has to offer is being touchless. It has an infrared sensor that disperses the sanitiser when you put your hand under the vent. 
  • Deliver a standard dose: The automatic hand sanitizer dispenser disperses an accurate amount of sanitizer, which is enough for you to clean both your hands.  
  • Accessibility: The automatic hand sanitizer dispensers are very convenient to use. 

4. Baby changing station 

Baby changing station

A baby changing station is not an all-time washroom accessory. But when it comes to the commercial washroom, it is one of the appreciated washroom accessories. Baby changing stations should be reliable and strong designed for protecting the baby while changing their diapers. 

You can install it either installed in a unisex baby change room or both male and female bathrooms so all parents can use the feature. 

5. Sensor Taps 

Screenshot 191

Taps are said to be the second most bacteria-ridden spot in the washroom because of the multiple contacts of unsanitized hands. An automatic tap has an in-built sensor that detects human presence under its nozzle and disperses the standard amount of water. 

A sensor tap possesses four main advantages: 

  • Hygiene: It has an inbuilt sensor, so there is no contact which eliminates the risk of germs.
  • Low Maintenance: It’s simple and sleek design makes it convenient and requires low maintenance. The water contact is also rare compared to regular taps, so it is easier to keep them clean.
  • Water Conservation: The automatic taps control the water dispersed, and each time it releases a sufficient amount of water at a regular and consistent flow. So, it regulates the consumption of water. Moreover, sensor taps also offer the least levels of water consumption since they switch off automatically. 
  • Energy Efficient: The Automatic Taps disperse water at a uniformly maintained temperature year-round, and this technology allows increased energy efficiency at home. While automated taps do use electricity or batteries to function, this is extremely minimal compared to the energy required to regulate the temperature of the water.


These were some fundamental washroom accessories, redefining the hygiene and functionality of the washroom. These are an essential incorporation irrespective of the look and feel you decide for your commercial washroom.

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