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8 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Workplace Restrooms

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How we behave in the workplace affects our career and image. It is always advisable to be on your best behaviour in the workplace. You should display good etiquettes at all times, including when using the restroom. To avoid any embarrassment, bathroom etiquettes should be strictly followed when using the restroom at work.

Employers should observe office washroom etiquette to uphold hygienic standards, treat coworkers with respect, and prevent unpleasant situations. As a manager or employer, you should encourage proper toilet behaviour at work to maintain good sanitation and prevent disagreements among team members.

Below are the 8 common mistakes that we do unintentionally in workplace restrooms which should be avoided at all cost.

Be Quick During Every Visit

You don’t want to be known as the person who is basically living in the washroom! Do your best to keep your bathroom visits brief. Don’t visit too often. It’s acceptable to reapply makeup or wash your face. However, it is preferable to refrain from more involved chores like flossing or shaving. 

Talk to colleagues only when necessary, especially when you bump into someone in there. A quick hello and light chat are acceptable. 

Steer clear of busy times, like right after lunch so that you don’t waste much time waiting in queue. 

  • Keep it as quick as you can.
  • Avoid conversations or gossip in the washroom.

Refrain from Carrying Unnecessary Items

Only bring what is a bare minimum to the restroom. Your laptop and other tools for your job should be left outside. Women workers shouldn’t use the bathroom with bags in them. 

To use the restroom, you must leave food and drinks outside. Firstly, it is against the norms of cleanliness to bring food into a bathroom. You also run the danger of dirtying the restroom and spilling food or drink. It’s one of the important restroom etiquette in the workplace.

  • Aside from the essentials like cosmetics and sanitary care, don’t bring anything else.
  • Take into account carrying a little pouch for touch-ups and other purposes.
  • Keep all food and beverages away from the restroom.
  • And last but not the least, don’t carry your phone in the washroom. It is not ideal!

Be Considerate if the Restroom is Busy

Everyone knows that, during a long day at the office, it can be difficult to find a clean and available restroom. This is why being considerate and letting others use the restroom is important. If everyone acted inconsiderately, there would be no toilets available for anyone to use.

  • It is preferable to leave if the restroom is being used. Return later. Do not wait right outside for the person to leave. The person would feel embarrassed. 
  • If the toilet door is closed, softly knock on it. Never attempt to open it. Never peek behind the door. Don’t be impatient when waiting and avoid banging the door non-stop.
  • Say “occupied” or “sorry” if someone knocks while you are in the restroom. 

Inspect the Restroom Upon Entry

Checking that everything is in working order after entering the washroom can save you from embarrassing situations. Make sure there is adequate toilet paper available. Close the door carefully so that it is not left ajar accidentally. 

Prior to seating, wipe the toilet seat to avoid contracting any infection. It is one of the necessary washroom etiquettes for females in office.

Once you enter the bathroom, you should not ask another employee to give you the needed item. It would be awkward for both of you.

Don’t Dispose Waste in the Toilet

Never throw anything out in the washroom openly. Sanitary pads & toilet paper can clog the drainage system and cause flooding. One should never flush down feminine hygiene products in the toilet.

The company must put a tiny trash can in each toilet stall to discourage people from throwing things out in the restroom. If there aren’t any garbage cans, ask your company to provide some. Disposing things in the dustbin rather than littering around is a good hygiene practice.

Leave the Restroom With Grace

Leaving the toilet seat up is no longer a serious infraction in a time of gender equality. The toilet seat and cover should be placed flat, nevertheless, as this is the best practice. But before you go, wipe the seat. If needed, flush more than once. Only after the flush has finished should the bathroom door be opened.

Always clean up after yourself and leave the bathroom stall spotless. Otherwise it may damage your reputation.

Care Like An Owner

By any chance if you find an unhygienic washroom stall, call the janitor. If there is another stall accessible use that.Avoid making the restroom stall’s condition worse.

If something is wrong, inform the janitor or supervisor on duty. For instance, a broken flush, clogged toilet, or wet spots on the floor. If not, people might assume that you are to blame for the mess.

Don’t Miss to Clean Your Hands

Before leaving the restroom, always wash your hands. For starters, restrooms are already a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Additionally, bad hygiene puts you as well as your colleagues at risk.

Following are some of the steps to ensure during handwashing:

  • Only let the water run when absolutely required. 
  • Don’t use soap to cause a mess
  • Do not splash water onto the mirrors or surroundings.
  • Dry off your hands completely. Do not use wet hands to operate the door handles. Never ever take wet hands out of the washroom. 
  • Before you depart, shut off the faucet. 


In the corporate world, practising office washroom etiquettes is essential. There should be a set of rules to follow in order to maintain hygiene and avoid embarrassment. We hope this blog helped you understand the importance of restroom etiquettes in a workplace environment.

It is important to remember that the office restrooms are a reflection of the company. The restroom should be clean and tidy. Company management and employees should play an equal role to maintain hygiene by following these basic office washroom etiquettes.

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