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5 Must Have Accessories for Every Commercial restroom

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Whether you are creating a new restroom or renovating an old one, understanding customers’ needs is essential. Office buildings, shopping malls, and restaurants are places frequented by many visitors daily. It can be challenging to operate a commercial restroom that receives high traffic and demands constant maintenance. Building a commercial restroom that’s aesthetically pleasing and functional is the need of the hour.
The thought of using a public restroom can be off-putting for many people. A well-stocked and clean restroom is essential to keep a business running smoothly. With growing awareness about the risk of disease transmission in public spaces, there’s a need to reconsider the ways businesses make their customers feel safe. This has made business owners rethink and reinvent their commercial spaces. Mindful designs using varied types of commercial restroom accessories can ensure a safe and hygienic experience for restroom goers.
Designing a restroom is more than just putting a few things together. It says a lot about your establishment and shows that some serious thought has gone into making it user-friendly. Accessories that blend with the aesthetics of the restroom can leave a lasting visual impact on the user.

Here’s a list of 5 must-have restroom accessories types to consider! These will not only ensure the smooth running of a commercial restroom space but also elevate it aesthetically and functionally.

5 Essential Types of Commercial Restroom Accessories

High-Speed Hand Dryer

In any commercial restroom, a hand dryer is a must-accessory. It is the fastest way of drying wet hands. A completely automatic and sensor-based machine that upon detecting hand movement lets out a blow of hot air. It usually has a hand drying time of fewer than 15 seconds. This helps in reducing the time spent by the user in the restroom.
Many models of hand dryers are available with variable speed settings. These can be installed depending on how many people are using them. Since it is completely touchless it reduces the instances of disease transmission considerably.

Wall-mounted Soap Dispenser

As people become more aware of the importance of hand hygiene this product makes an essential restroom addition. An automatic soap dispenser is a sensor-based machine, it can detect hand movement and dispense a regulated amount of soap. This ensures that the hand-washing experience is mess free and thorough.
This also reduces the wastage of liquid soap considerably as only a limited quantity is dispensed at a time per user. It is easy to install depending on the place where it will be most accessible and convenient to the end user. This machine is easy to maintain and refill making this accessory indispensable for any commercial restroom.

Automatic Hand Sanitizer

Hand hygiene is the most important factor in the prevention of disease transmission. This need has been amplified considerably since the surge of coronavirus throughout the world. In recent times this accessory has become a favourite of people walking in and out of a public restroom in a hurry.
An automatic hand sanitizer wins hands down as compared to a manually operated one. A manual hand sanitizer requires the user to push a button to dispense liquid sanitizer which can cause spillage and wastage of the sanitizer.
This also increases the risk of viral transmission as many people come in direct contact with the machine. To reduce contact an automatic hand sanitizer can come to the rescue. Automatic hand sanitizer as the name suggests is completely automatic and touchless. An accessory made popular during the pandemic is here to stay!

Diaper Changing Table

Finding a diaper-changing table in a public restroom can be a lifesaver! New parents deal with changing diapers a few times a day that can make their experience of being in a public place challenging. A diaper changing table can change a user’s experience to a family-friendly one. It shows the care the business owner has taken to go the extra mile to address the needs of new parents.
Diaper changing tables are usually installed near a washbasin making it easier for parents to have access to water for an easy and hygienic cleaning experience. These stations are equipped with safety harnesses to hold a restless baby comfortably and securely in one place. They also have designated space for diaper changing bags and things a parent might need while freshening up the baby. These stations are low on maintenance and made of a sturdy material which makes them a great one-time investment.

Sanitary Napkin Hygiene Panel

This accessory is a game-changer in the world of female hygiene. More businesses are now recognizing the importance of menstrual hygiene. These self-service vending machines are becoming indispensable in public spaces.Now women don’t have to compromise and worry about the availability of this essential product anymore.
It can be easily procured with the push of a button. Providing them in a commercial restroom takes care of many needs of a user from dispensing sanitary napkins, toilet paper, and disposable bags. It also has a waste receptacle which makes it convenient to dispose of used sanitary napkins too.
This accessory ensures that women are not inconvenienced if they forget to carry this essential item. There is no unwanted disposal of used products, even the restroom’s cleanliness and hygiene are also maintained.


In recent times of Covid 19, pandemic concerns have raised eyebrows about disease transmission in public places. Business owners must think about ways of reducing contact points in commercial restrooms where footfall is usually very high. With the innovation of different types of commercial restroom accessories, the space has seen a revolution of sorts. Gone are the days of monotonous and bland designs which catered to very basic needs. Restroom spaces whether personal or commercial are becoming more energy-efficient, sustainable, and user-friendly.
As the customer becomes more discerning about cleanliness and comfort. The ease of use and hygiene will become a deal breaker. Hope this list of restroom accessories types provides your business with the necessary information to incorporate the best products for a great user experience!

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