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Sanitizer Dispenser Machine | Model: NTS02A

Specification Description
Cabinet ABS Cabinet
Operation Touch-Free Infrared Activation
Input 4*C  Battery
Suitable Traffic Medium
Capacity 1000 ml

Suitable for liquid alcohol, liquid soap and hand sanitizers.

Sanitizer dispenser machine can be easily mounted on the wall. It is the most effective way of maintaining hygiene and sanitation.
Sanitizer dispenser machine is made of ABS cabinet of high-quality material and operates on 4*C Battery. The loading capacity of this product is 1000ml.
The high-quality material of the products makes it dust-resistant and increases the durability of the product. This product makes the process completely conscious and touch-free.
The automated process prevents any unwanted mess on the basin or countertop.The non-drip design of this product is very effective and avoids excess flow of sanitizer.
Sanitizer dispenser machine is a perfect product to be used in bathrooms and kitchens at homes, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and salons. This product requires very less effort on the user’s part.
This product is also a great fit at the entrance of any store to ensure that visitors do not enter the store without sanitizing their hands. This product gives visitors a notion about your hygiene measures and they will maintain the same on entering your store as well.


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100x100x230 mm


Motion activated

Controlled portions



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